About us

  • CELIN ROBENSON, (born 9th August 1975) is an Haitian architect whose company, HAITICREATION & CONSTRUCTION, maintains a national design practice famous for his outstanding 3D Architecture Concepts.

  • CELIN Robenson is one of Haitian's most prolific architects of his generation.
    Since opening his firm in the early 2000s, CELIN has become increasingly recognized as an authority on good taste in architecture and interior design. Tapping into a deep love of architecture, CELIN create homes and unique projects that are beautifully designed, inspired, and comfortable. He has an innate intuition that deciphers each individual or family’s style, program, and budget, translating it into a home that compliments their personal lifestyles.

  • CELIN Robenson strongly believes that architecture is capable of enriching our daily lives and it is this passion that drives his work. He understands the complexities, challenges and possibilities of the built environment. Every finished project, big or small, is the product of an idea, of a need, of a budget.

  • CELIN Robenson has over fifteen years experience in construction and he believes that the right partnerships and respect for everyone’s role is crucial in achieving a great result. CELIN cares as much about the project vision as he does about the journey to get there.

  • Since its founding in the early 2000s, by Celin Robenson, HAITICREATION & CONSTRUCTION has established itself as one of the most prestigious architectural and construction firms in Haiti.

  • HAITICREATION & CONSTRUCTION is concerned with people, how our buildings and environments will affect their experience. We design to uplift the quality of life, of work, play and wellbeing of those the buildings serve. We offer very high levels of client service through understanding client goals and managing the delivery of complex project requirements, within programmatic aims. Every project, regardless of size or scale, is unique and emerges out of specific programmatic, budget and site opportunities that inform the design process.

  • HAITICREATION & CONSTRUCTION believe that no two homes should be alike. Our portfolio display distinctive homes in a wide variety of styles and scales. Our approach to each design is to balance the triple bottom line of economic, ecological and social. The result is buildings that are in tune with their surroundings and resonate with their users variables as we strive to create architecture with the ability to positively transform communities and civic life.

  • Most importantly, the firm HAITICREATION & CONSTRUCTION inherently understands that listening is an architect’s greatest strength

  BOIS & FER  
  • Atelier BOIS & FER is affiliated to HAITICREATION & CONSTRUCTION, and have worked tirelessly to earn a reputation for quality, service and dependability.

  • These principles have helped BOIS & FER succeed in creating prestigious woodwork projects. Using our sophisticate computer software, which gives the layout and 3d rendering of your future project, we can work with you to create a custom and unique product.

  • BOIS & FER expert staffs of estimators, project managers, engineers, craftsman, and carpenters consistently provide a superior level of service resulting in successful completion of unparalleled projects.

  • Our team in BOIS & FER engages our client with a personalized experience from beginning to end, one of a kind result. This unique approach provides a distinguished personal level of quality service and dependability that permeates every aspect of the project and never goes unnoticed.