ARCHITECTURE by Celin Robenson for Haiticreation & Construction

  3D ARCHITECTURE VIDEO by celin Robenson  


  • CELIN Robenson is one of Haitian's most prolific architects of his generation. Since opening his firm in the early 2000s, CELIN has become increasingly recognized as an authority on good taste in architecture and interior design. Tapping into a deep love of architecture, CELIN create homes and unique projects that are beautifully designed, inspired, and comfortable. He has an innate intuition that deciphers each individual or family‚Äôs style, program, and budget, translating it into a home that compliments their personal lifestyles.
  • CELIN Robenson strongly believes that architecture is capable of enriching our daily lives and it is this passion that drives his work. He understands the complexities, challenges and possibilities of the built environment. Every finished project, big or small, is the product of an idea, of a need, of a budget.